Life gets crazy. Even out-of-control from time to time, it happens to us too.

We understand that you have good intentions to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals, but get derailed with your busy lifestyle. Business travel, 12-hour work days, running the kids around, it all leaves you without the time or energy to eat well. The last thing you’re thinking about is dinner, right? Don't worry anymore, you've come to the right place.


Who uses a personal chef service?

  • Busy professionals
  • Active families
  • Seniors
  • New parents
  • People who don't have the time or desire to cook
  • Anyone simply wanting to eat healthier
  • Those who want to give a friend or loved one a special gift

Did you know that using a personal chef service will free up 10-15 hours of your life per week?

How Does It Work?

Prepared meal delivery begins with a client consultation to discuss your tastes and preferences, then selection of a package size that fits your needs, and finally scheduling of your service. It's that easy.

We'll then design and prepare a customized menu for you in our commercial kitchen, package and label all items, and deliver fresh to your home or office. A complete menu with heating instructions will accompany all orders. No recipes to follow, no cooking, no mess to clean, just dinner on the table in minutes!

The following is a sample of our most popular packages. They provide meals for 3-5 nights per week depending on your lifestyle.


Three entrees for two people = 6 plated meals

An excellent choice for busy couples and singles who want freshly prepared home-cooked meals a few nights a week.


Three entrees for four people = 12 plated meals

A good choice if you and your family only need help with mealtime a few nights a week.


Five entrees for two people = 10 plated meals

Great for couples and singles who enjoy a variety of meals on hand most nights per week.


Five entrees for four people = 20 plated meals

Perfect for families, couples or singles who want home-cooked meals on hand and don't mind freezing and defrosting some items.

Zest meals are not 'diet meals'—they're freshnutritioushealthy-portioned meals developed to help you eat well, live fit and have fun!

Don't take our word for it. Here's what a few of our clients have been saying:

  • The meals have been simply amazing! It is such a treat to come home after a 12 hour day to have one of the delicious meals.
    — J.R., Furlong, PA
  • Thank you so much for preparing meals for my parents. They have been thrilled with the food and the service has made things much easier for them now.
    — J.S., Doylestown , PA
  • Ok, so you know I am a foodie. Which means you KNOW what it means when I say I am thrilled. I am a vegetarian for 30 years, so I am picky…this was so fresh and perfect. Nom Nom, WOW!
    — Barbara H., Buckingham, PA
  • We really love the food, and the ability to eat together so easily as a guys have a fantastic business, and I will recommend you to anyone looking for a personal chef service.
    — Pam P., Langhorne, PA
  • Thank you so much for the delicious meals you are preparing for me. I’m actually starting to lose weight since I’m not eating fast food and snacks!
    — Christine S., Newtown, PA
  • We are very happy with our meals. The quality and taste is great, the portions are just right, and the convenience is exactly what we needed.
    — Alyce D., Yardley, PA
  • You have cooked for our regular meal delivery, dinner parties and holiday meals. Whether it's casual, everyday dinners or a special occasion, your meals are excellent and save me a tremendous amount of time.
    — Maureen C., Newtown, PA
  • Everything you make is so good! It’s like eating out at the best restaurant every night.
    — Harriet R., Doylestown, PA
  • My husband and I both work full-time and are tri-athletes. Our work and training schedules leave us no time to cook. Having you as our personal chef saves us a lot of time and allows us to eat healthy despite our busy schedules.
    — Rene R., Newtown, PA
  • Thanks for setting us up for success. We've been eating fabulously and found it very easy to navigate a weekend with guests that would otherwise have been much more stressful.
    — Jonathan M., New Hope, PA