Top 5 Menu Planning Tips for the Perfect Summer Party

It’s party time - graduation parties, pool parties, and just for the heck of it Summer Fun parties!  If the thought of planning and cooking for a crowd puts you in a panic or has you breaking a sweat that has nothing to do with the temperature outside then follow these simple tips.

1.  Keep it simple - Plan your menu by thinking about the season, choosing simple recipes that can be prepared in advance and that have 5 or less ingredients.  A couple of appetizers, a grilled main and a few simple summer salads are sure to please on a warm night.

2.  Know your quantities - No need to stress about how much food to get.  Follow this simple guide to take the guesswork out of quantities. 

3.  Make ahead - Make as much as possible ahead of time to avoid spending the whole party in the kitchen while trying to entertain.  Most dips, spreads, and even some salads and desserts can be made at least 1 day in advance.  Creating a mis-en-place for each recipe will also help you prepare with ease and avoid last minute trips to the store for missing ingredients.

4.  Self-Serve Bar - Just because you freed yourself from the kitchen doesn't mean you should get stuck behind the bar.  Prepare one or two cocktails in a pitcher and set it out with beer, wine and soft drinks for guests to help themselves.  

5.  Hire a Professional - If you enjoy entertaining but cooking just isn't your thing then leave why not leave it to us?  Contact us now to book your date then get ready to kick back and enjoy the party.