Tomato Sauce Old World Style


This morning as I was thinking about the fresh, ripe tomatoes that are in abundance this month I came across this amazing and timely tomato sauce video that I had to share.  Watching it brought me right back to my childhood.  You see I'm not Italian but somehow I grew up surrounded with Italian friends, and as such was fortunate to be included in many culinary extravaganzas like canning summer vegetables and sauces, making fresh baked bread, pizza and stromboli (daily!) and preparing soppressata for hanging and drying in the smokehouse.  Then of course their was the Sunday dinners.  Whole families would gather for the day - nonnas and nonnos, moms, dads, siblings cousins, friends...The food was always fresh, seasonal, prepared from scratch and the wine was flowing.  Those were the days!

Before summer ends and the back to school craziness sets in why not make your own sauce?  Grab a glass of wine and watch this video to see how an old world Italian gentleman learned to make it from his parents and grandparents back in Italy.  Take advantage of the bountiful supply of garden ripened tomatoes.  Gather la famiglia, pick your tomatoes and get cooking!

Disclaimer:  I do not recommend the canning method in this video.  Instead check out Farm to Jars Marian Bolums' Canning 101

Buon appetito!