Dress up Your Halloween Chili with this Easy Technique


Quite some time ago when I had just started my career as a personal chef, a client/friend (Thanks Diane!) had a chili party with a twist. It was called 'Pumpkin Face Chili'. I was invited,  given no clue as to what it involved, but it intrigued me none-the-less, so I went. We had lots of fun being creative putting faces on our chili.

Fast-forward a year and I've got this cooking gig on the local NBC affiliate's Saturday morning show right around the time of Halloween.  When the producer called she said, "Theo, we need something real creative and not the same old Halloween stuff that people do".  A-Ha! I'm doing Pumpkin Face Chili!  I did, and it was a very successful segment and something I still love to do from time to time. So, I thought you might like as well. Here is a simple step-by-step guide for you to create your very own Pumpkin Face Chili. Feel free to share your creations on our Facebook page, or post on other social sites with the #pumpkinfacechili and tag Zest Culinary Services.

1. Make your favorite chili. Beef, turkey, vegetarian makes no difference.

2. Purchase a package of ready-bake pie crusts, or if you'd like to stay a little healthier, a package of frozen puff pastry. You'll need enough dough for each guest, so take that into consideration when shopping.


3. Roll out or Thaw your dough preference and trim to the circumference or slightly smaller of your bowl.


4. Now get creative! 'Carve' your face into the dough. Transfer to a lined cookie sheet and bake at 450° for 8-9 minutes (pie crust) or 10-15 for puff pastry.


5. Place atop steaming bowl of chili and enjoy!


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