Best Holiday egg nog recipe to enjoy or gift


Egg Nog gets a bad rap, and I think it's because of the preservative-laden, artificially-flavored junk that you see in most supermarkets. A quick search of a store-bought Nog yielded this list of ingredients:
Milk, high fructose corn syrup, cream, contains 2% or less of: egg yolk solids, whey, nonfat milk, corn starch, guar gum, slat, nutmeg, carrageenan, natural and artificial flavor, tumeric and annatto (colors). Really?!?

It's a shame, because Nog is quite a simple concoction, only consisting of a few basic ingredients; eggs, sugar, cream and booze...LOTS of booze. I guess the grocery store variety is filled with that stuff to keep us 'safe', but after adding the booze this will last many, many months and not go bad.

Years ago I had this very Nog at a client's Holiday party. I was blown away and begged for the recipe/process. I've kept it a well guarded secret ever since, but have decided in the spirit of giving that I'd share. Apologies to Kris S. if you're now irritated with me.

Beaten eggs, whites separated and liquors used.

Beaten eggs, whites separated and liquors used.

The Best Egg Nog Ever

1 Dozen Eggs, separated
1# Powdered Sugar
5-6 cups Booze (I use equal parts Brandy, Bourbon & Rum)
2 Quarts Heavy Cream

Lightly beat the egg yolks and combine with the sugar and 2 cups of booze. Whisk until combined well and let sit for an hour. This allows the booze to 'cook off' the egg flavor. After one hour, add an additional 3-4 cups of booze and the two quarts of cream. Chill for at least three hours. Beat the egg whites until frothy and fold into the Nog. Best stored in smaller containers with a tight fitting lid. Please Keep Refrigerated and don't do anything critically important while enjoying this beverage.

This recipe makes about a gallon of Nog, plenty to keep for yourself and even share. I use 8oz. glass bottles with screw-top and a custom label. Those larger sparkling soda bottles with the swing-top closure are wonderful too. You can adjust the amount of booze in the final addition, but DO NOT diminish the amount in the initial mix.

Cheers to all this Holiday Season!