Turmeric Tonic to Boost Your Health this Winter


People always like to ask us what the latest food trend is or what we're eating these days. I've been reading a lot about fermented foods such as kimchee, sauerkraut and their digestive benefits. I like both of these foods, not solo, I need a good bed of beef bulgogi under my kimchee and a tasty wurst under my pile of kraut to be happy. Another trend seems to be turmeric. I'm more familiar with turmeric as it relates to making a curry and am reminded of its power every time I use my favorite rubber spatula! (It's stained beyond reclamation). However, a couple years ago when I developed some back pain a friend encouraged me to take a turmeric pill every day to help ease pain and reduce inflammation. I'm not sure it did anything, but thus it was an introduction. At stores you'll find it in a powder form and also as a root similar looking to ginger, but bright orange under the skin. It's pretty easy to find. When you can, opt for the root version.

So, I like the idea of a pick me up shot to start the day. I've made my own Fire Cider in the past, which contains turmeric, and one shot upon awakening really gets the system moving! Here's the recipe I used for Fire Cider. When I saw this tonic recipe I thought I'd give it a try. At first it's a little earthy and you definitely taste the ginger-lemon-turmeric. I enjoy it more with a splash of lime flavored sparkling water at the end, but its up to you. If you're doing it as a single shot, opt for no bubbles, but as a sipping morning beverage, go with fizz.

Lemon-Ginger Turmeric Tonic

1 cup             Coconut Water
2" Knob        Turmeric Root or 1 tsp dried
1" Knob         Ginger Root—grated
Juice of         Lemon, one
1/4tsp            Kosher Salt
1-2 TBSP        Honey (to taste)

Place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with a couple ice cubes or into a blender without the cubes and shake/blend. Strain into a glass and enjoy! Make daily as the nutritional benefits decrease as the drink sits.

Benefits:  Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties known to ease joint pain, supports brain health, can ease an upset tummy and more.  Ginger is a great anti-oxidant, increases circulation and helps reduce inflammation—all great benefits during the winter months. Coconut Water is a great hydration beverage and has a ton of potassium. Lemon helps the liver make more enzymes and work more efficiently.  The honey and salt add flavor and minerals and help round out the tonic.

adapted from mommypotamus.com