Beyond the Board: 4 Creative Ideas for Your Summer Wine and Cheese Party

Last night we had the honor of meeting acclaimed cheese makers from around the world at the Legend Series World Tour, a cheese tasting party at Di Bruno Bros.  In addition to sampling the typical cheese and charcuterie pairings, we enjoyed hors d'oeuvres specially made with each cheese.   Duck pizza with goat Gouda, a Sicilian tuna melt with Manchego and chickpea puree, truffled mousse filled morel mushrooms in a fondue of comte marcel petite, a mind blowing dessert station featuring Parmesan cannoli shells with a creamy Parmesan filling and gelato made with Chiraboga Blue, and many more! 

Sound amazing?  Here are four creative ideas to inspire you to go beyond "the board" at your next wine and cheese party.  

  1. Hors d'Oeuvres Party - Pick out a selection of 3 or 4 of your favorite cheeses and create hors d'oeuvres with each.  Check out the full menu from the Di Bruno event for some inspiration.  
  2. Local Pairing - Feature cheeses from farmers in your area paired with wine and beer from local vineyards and breweries.  Here's a great list for for PA and NJ from our friends at Bucks County Taste
  3. Grilled Cheese Party - I'm not talking grilled cheese sandwiches, though they are scrumptious, rather cheeses that can be grilled like Halloumi, Kefalotyri and Kasseri or even firm provolone. 
  4. Dessert Party - Savory cheese in typically sweet desserts make for amazing combinations.  Try goat cheese in your cheesecake or make pizzelles from shredded parmesan.  Get these recipes and other ideas on our Pinterest Savory Cheese Dessert board.

Love the idea but not the work?  Let us cook for your next party!  Contact us for more information and to book your date.