8 Ways You Need to Know How to Use Your French Press in the Kitchen


If you're like many households these days you have multiple refreshment making units to fulfill all of your drinking needs.  Coffee pot, espresso machine, french press, tea kettle, electric tea kettle, soda maker...the list goes on.  Personally, I'm a fan of multitasking kitchen gadgets and a minimal number of units taking up valuable real estate on my counters.  It bugs me when things sit around collecting dust.  That's why I'm so excited to share this blog regarding innovative ways to use a French Press!

Whether you use yours daily or only on occasion, here are 8 new ways to get more out of your French Press every day by using it for more than just coffee.  Technically this article shares nine ways but one of them involves how to clean it so that doesn't count.  My favorites are making broth - perfect for when you need a small amount, rinsing grains, and squeezing excess water out of veggies.  Read the full article here for these and other tips.

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