An Irish Breakfast for St. Paddy's Weekend


If you've been reading my blogs long enough then you know that I frequently write about the importance of eating a good breakfast and this St. Paddy's Day weekend is no exception.  This weekend everyone's Irish.  So before you get your jig on try a traditional Irish breakfast.  

Originally intended to sustain farm workers this cooked breakfast typically includes fresh local ingredients like bacon, sausage, baked beans, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, Irish soda bread, butter (lots of butter), jam and plenty of hot tea.  Think of it as the Irish version of the Denny's Grand Slam, something that perhaps you wouldn't necessarily eat every day but that just so happens to be the perfect start for a day of imbibing green beers. And after all, if it was good enough to power the farmers through a long work day then it's certainly suitable fare for a long day of bending your elbow.

If you like the idea of the Irish Breakfast but are looking for healthy alternatives then go with Canadian bacon or chicken or turkey sausage and a nice dense protein bread.  Or get into the spirit of the celebration by enjoying these healthy ways to "Go Green".