What's Your Valentine's Day Dinner Personality Type?


Whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, everyone knows that the real way to the heart is through the stomach! So instead of the same old chocolates this year, pop the champagne and show your love with a Valentine’s Day dinner. Here are some menu ideas for the lovers, the haters and everyone in between.

Who are they:
Lovers live for Valentine’s Day and go to great lengths to create an impressive and romantic dinner. They painstakingly pick the menu, the music and create the mood.

What to Make: Aphrodisiac foods, of course! Oysters, avocado salad, and something Zest-y like sear-roasted halibut with a sweet and spicy chili-garlic glaze over grilled asparagus. Finish the meal with chocolate truffles.

Who are they:
They’d rather that this Hallmark holiday go away but recognize that not marking the occasion will earn them a permanent reservation in the dog house. So they make a little effort to make a nice dinner.

What to Make: Keep it simple with a classic wedge salad followed by grilled steaks or seafood, wine and chocolate covered strawberries.

Who are they:
Lonely hearts dread this day but they don’t go it alone. They gather their friends for a simple feast, have a pot-luck or create a meal together.

What to Make: Go retro with fondue! Keep it healthy by cooking meats, chicken or fish in broth rather than oil. And of course end the meal with chocolate fondue and fresh fruit for dipping. Strawberries are a must!

There are two other types of people who definitely will not be cooking for Valentine’s Day, the Procrastinators and the Grand-Standers.

Who are they:
The ones who wait till the last minute or forget about the big day all together. They believe that their meager effort to grab something on the way home will suffice. They’re eating take-out (or crow depending on who’s on the receiving end) and conversation hearts (because the chocolate was sold out) paired with water (because they also forgot to stop for wine).

What to eat: If you have to resort to take-out then at least go for the good stuff like Sushi. Order a large sharing platters like the Love Boat for Two or anything that has the word love in it to show that at least the day’s theme is on your radar.

Grand-standers love to make a show of things spend big $$$$ on their Valentine. What do they make for Valentine’s Day Dinner? Reservations! Or they hire a chef.