Foods for Dudes - What Every Guy Needs for a Healthy Balanced Diet.


Guys, you know the importance of choosing the right fuel for you vehicle.  But what about the fuel you put into your own body?  Are you giving it the same care and attention?  

Food is fuel.  So planning balanced meals that will give you the right amount of calories, fats and carbs is key to helping you fight disease, stay sharp, look younger, and even increase libido.  Here are some of the most important foods for dudes to support a healthy lifestyle.

Protein - Build muscle with lean proteins like skinless turkey breast, salmon, eggs, beans, beef, milk and Greek yogurt.

Fats - Healthy fats are important for heart health and fighting inflammation.  Use olive oil or coconut oil in cooking, salad dressings, marinades and baking. 

Carbs - Feel energized and stay fuller longer with complex carbs from whole grains and fiber-rich foods like quinoa, oatmeal, black beans broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and blueberries. 

Remember, planning is key.  So prepare your meals for the week to stay on track and eliminate the need to have to think about what to eat everyday.  But wait!  That's a total pain in the a**, right?  No worries.  Ask us about customized prepared meal delivery